We figured it out

Product description

We have not reinvented the whole flute, but only the re7olution flute bow, which makes it possible to learn to play any existing flute much faster, even in a relaxed, healthier posture.

Currently, the flute bow is made of gold brass, which is first engraved and then silver or gold plated. Our pending patent includes all possible materials with which we will continue to experiment over the next few years. However, the bow made of gold brass is characterized by such a soft, warm and very well sustaining tone that we are eager to see if another material can bring any real improvement.

All production steps are carried out in Germany. So the bow is basically „Made in Germany“.

Since all transverse flutes, even transverse flutes of the same make, have minimal deviations in their diameter, the final adjustments of the bow to the respective flute must be made by us or your instrument maker at your location.


 Regina Engelhardt from the re7olution GbR in Baunatal gives some tips on, how the flute with the new curved re7olution headjoint can be held comfortably.

Patent WO 2021/110186 A1