We figured it out

Maria Mendoza plays re7olution

Maria Mendoza is a professional flutist from Venezuela. She currently lives in Germany and is happy to have received the new flute bow re7olution here, with which she can play relaxed and pain-free. Here is a short version of the piece Billie’s Bounce by Charlie Parker.

Still happy with re7olution

In this video, Regina Engelhardt briefly talks about, how much her life has changed for the better thanks to the new curved headjoint re7olution.

Sandra Jonderko talks about how she could no longer play the flute due to a postural problem. With the new re7olution bow this is possible again, which has brought her a lot of heart joy.

First contact with re7olution

Professional assessments of the new flute head

Johannes Weber is deputy principal of the Music Academy Kassel and gives courses in Alexander Technique. We asked him for an honest opinion about the new re7olution flute head.

Andrea Winzenburg runs a practice for physiotherapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy in Kassel. In this clip, only the flutist Regina Engelhardt can be seen and Ms. Winzenburg can be heard.


Patent WO 2021/110186 A1